Learn to Play 6 Hole Ocarina English Pendant Mastery Series

Click here to watch the “learn to play 6 hole ocarina” series on YouTube.


After you watch each video, the sheet music is found below for each song we learn. Scroll below to practice at your own pace.


Intro: Hot Cross Buns


Week 1: Snail Snail

Snail Snail

Week 2:  C Major Scale & Apple Tree

6 Hole English Pendant Ocarina Songbook


Week 3: Who’s That Tapping at the Window & F Major Pentatonic Scale (don’t rely on tabs!!!)

Who's that

F major pentatonic

Week 4: Canoe Song (note names & without note names), Land of the Silver Birch and d minor pentatonic


Treble Clef Note names

Canoe Song

Land of the Silver Birch Ocarina

d minor pentatonic

Week 5: Who Killed Cock Robin? d minor, e minor & multiple verses

Cock robin d

Cock Robin e

Who killed cock robin d minor


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